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AcooPad - Reflexology Acupressure Foot Massage Mat

AcooPad - Reflexology Acupressure Foot Massage Mat

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  • Detoxify Your Lovely Body Through Your Feet!

    After a long day at work, all the weight of a tiresome day falls our feet, making them tense and deprived of good circulation. This walk-stone acupuncture pad helps improve circulation and remove toxins in an instant!

    AcooPad not only reduces muscle tension, but it also helps you achieve deep relaxation after every step. This reflexology stone mat massages and strengthens your feet and ankles as well!

    Why You'll Love It

    ✔︎ Accurate Pressure Points - With a single step, this colorful walk mat provides just the right amount of pressure on your acupunture points. AcooPad is designed with raised points to be able to localize connections to other organs, allowing you to indirectly achieve holistic relief.

    ✔︎ Non-Slip Pad - First-time users could have a problem balancing o such an intimidating mat. Good thing AcooPad is designed with a non-slip technology to keep you on your feet while traversing the foot mat.

    ✔︎ Easy Storage - This colorful cobblestone foot massager could attract children and cause an unnecessary hazard. AcooPad can be rolled and folded, making it convenient to store anywhere without consuming a large chunk of space.

    ✔︎ Portable Design - With its foldable and rollable feature, AcooPad is easy to carry both indoors and outdoors. Simply lay it on the floor and start massaging your feet while watching TV or during your lunch break.

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